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Volume II:

Series 1: Mga Alamat ng Prutas (Legends of the Fruits)
About the Collection

     The second volume for Una Artesana, titled "Lupa" (Earth), is inspired by folktales of different Filipino fruits, which are stories I heard growing up. Each piece is a miniature version of popular local fruits, including mango, makopa, guava, and more! It took me months to develop this collection because I wanted to get the proportions of the fruits just right, so there was a lot of trial and error involved before I finally came up with designs I was happy with.

     Nowadays, even while I was growing up, Filipino children are more familiar with Western fairytales rather than our own folktales, which are in danger of being forgotten. Like my first volume, Langit, Lupa is my way of keeping our stories alive, by interpreting them as jewelry and sharing them with the world.

- Susanne                   

Read each fruit's origin myth here.

For this collection, you can pick any of the fruits to make a pair of earrings. Choose matching fruits or have fun mixing it up! Your choice of stud and hoop color.

Lupa launches August 21, 2022.


Slots will be limited! Sign up to the newsletter for 2-day early access starting August 19.

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