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Diwata Pt. I

Diwata Pt. 1 is inspired by the local flowers of the Philippines. This collection is a celebration of the everyday beauty of our country, and a fond reminiscence of growing up in the Philippines.

Classic Parol Earrings in Gold

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The Story:

Every Christmas, homes and buildings all over the country are adorned with parols, star-shaped lanterns which represent the Star of Bethlehem that guided the three kings to find the baby Jesus.

The word parol comes from the Spanish farol, which means 'lantern'. During the Spanish colonial period, the lanterns were used to light the way of the nine-day Christmas novena procession. At the time, the parol was a simple rectangular or oblong shape. It wasn't until the American colonial period that it acquired its iconic five-pointed star shape, which inspired this collection.

The Parol Earrings in Gold feature the traditional five-pointed star shape, created with shimmery gold and pearly white beads that give this cultural icon an elegant twist. A real freshwater pearl adds a touch of luxury.

Size: Drops 5 cm.

Materials: Glass seed beads, glass bugle beads, freshwater pearl, waxed thread, gold-tone stainless steel posts and backs. Stainless steel findings make these safe for sensitive ears.

One of a kind. Ready to ship.

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