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Thank you to everyone who shopped the collection!

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Langit is inspired by the legends of the celestial gods of the ancient Visayans. Part 1 is inspired by the Visayan creation myth – how the sun, moon, and stars came to be, and Part 2 is inspired by the Visayan weather deities. Each jewelry piece is a tangible 'illustration' intricately handwoven to bring these stories to life, so you can wear our Filipino heritage with pride!

Elemento x UA Fragrance Balm

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Product Details

In this collaboration with Elemento, a homegrown Cebuano fragrance brand, we've put together a collection of scents to bring the world of Diwata to life! Each of these balms tells a story and takes you on a journey through the Philippines:

Dalisay - The scent of a leaf as it kisses the earth on the forest floor. Rays of light peeking through the canopy. This fragrance balm has notes of juniper, cypress, and gin, and a light woody profile.

Ulan - Light summer showers, playing in the rain as children. The rejuvenating scent of a garden as the rain pours down. This fragrance balm has notes of angelica, rain accords, and powder. It has a floral and watery profile.

Himig - Provincial homes in the summer, your lola’s humming while tending to the garden. The warm scent of sampaguita fills the air. This fragrance balm has notes of Indian jasmine, plum, vanila, and amber. It has a floral profile.


  • 10ML Clear Roller Bottle
  • Easy Application, Travel-friendly
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil Base, EDP Concentration

Elemento Liquid Balms are made using a fractionated coconut oil base and clean, phthalate-free fragrances infused with essential oils. Easy to use and carry for the every day outing.

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