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Langit Pt. 2: Ang Panahon

     Langit Pt. 2 continues to explore the stories of the celestial gods of the Visayan mythological pantheon, this time the gods associated with the weather, 'panahon'. The collection first debuted in 2021 and just got a major update. Shop all the new designs now!

Kalinaw Earrings

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The Story:

The moon was believed to be the god Libulan in Visayan mythology. Libulan was the youngest son of the gods Lidagat and Lihangin. He was said to be the more timid of his brothers, and at times moody – one of the reasons why the moon waxes and wanes, as our ancestors believed.

Artist Notes: Likalibutan, the eldest brother of Liadlaw and whose body was made of rock, hardly ever features in art or, in this case, jewelry, despite him having a crucial role in the Visayan creation myth. So here I've paired lapis lazuli stones with the moon charm to represent this god of the earth.

Lapis Lazuli was a popular stone during precolonial times. It is associated with deep peace and self-awareness.

Size: Drops 5 cm.

Materials: Stainless steel charm, natural carnelian stones, stainless steel huggie hoops. Stainless steel findings make these safe for sensitive ears. All stones are natural and may vary in size, shape, and color from the product photos.

Ready to ship. Orders whip out in 7-10 business days.

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