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Langit Pt. 2: Ang Panahon

     Langit Pt. 2 continues to explore the stories of the celestial gods of the Visayan mythological pantheon, this time the gods associated with the weather, 'panahon'. The collection first debuted in 2021 and just got a major update. Shop all the new designs now!

Moonlight Necklace

Php3 500.00
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Product Details

The Story:

Do you know why the moon changes phases? Legend says that the Visayan moon god, Libulan, was shy and moody, so the moon changes phases depending on his mood.

Artist Notes: My favorite thing about this necklace is the moon pendant. It's glass with a frosted, iridescent finish that changes depending on how the light hits – blue one second, red-gold the next.

I added opalite accents along the chain. Its glowy blue beautifully complements the iridescence of the moon pendant. Opalite channels tranquility and inner peace.

Size: 16" plus 2" extender chain.

Materials: Glass moon pendant, opalite, stainless steel chain and findings.

Ready to ship. Orders ship out in 7-10 business days.

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