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Langit is inspired by the legends of the celestial gods of the ancient Visayans. Part 1 is inspired by the Visayan creation myth – how the sun, moon, and stars came to be, and Part 2 is inspired by the Visayan weather deities. Each jewelry piece is a tangible 'illustration' intricately handwoven to bring these stories to life, so you can wear our Filipino heritage with pride!

Paphiopedilum acmodontum Earrings

Php4 600.00
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Product Details

The Flower:

Paphiopedilum is called the lady’s slipper orchid, or Venus slipper, because of its pouch-like labellum, which is designed to trap insects. To escape, the insects will have to climb back up out of the pouch, collecting and depositing pollen along the way. Paphiopedilum acmodontum is endemic to the Visayas, specifically Negros island. It is also called the Pointed Tooth Paphiopedilum. Due to deforestation and loss of habitat, this species is critically endangered.

Size: Drops 4-5.5 cm, depending on selected earring option. Please refer to the last photo to see each option available. Kidney ear wires are the artist's preferred option.

Materials: Cold porcelain, glaze, stainless steel earring findings. Stainless steel findings make these safe for sensitive ears.

Made to order. Please allow up to 3 to 5 weeks for production for made to order items. Please refer to the FAQ for more info. Each Una Artesana jewelry piece is entirely sculpted and painted by hand. Please expect some slight variation in size and color. The beauty of handmade is that every piece is completely one of a kind!

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