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Langit Pt. 2: Ang Panahon

     Langit Pt. 2 continues to explore the stories of the celestial gods of the Visayan mythological pantheon, this time the gods associated with the weather, 'panahon'. The collection first debuted in 2021 and just got a major update. Shop all the new designs now!

Stella Ear Jackets

Php3 800.00
Inspired by the Visayan star goddess, Lisuga.
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The Story:

For the ancient Visayans, the stars represent the goddess Lisuga, the youngest child and only daughter of the gods Lihangin and Lidagat.

After her brothers stormed the heavens and were struck down, the sky god turned his anger on Lisuga, believing her to be part of the coup. He struck her with a lightning bolt which shattered her silver body into thousands of pieces.Upon learning of her innocence, Kaptan deeply mourned the loss of his granddaughter so he took the broken pieces of her body and put them in the sky, turning them into the stars. One of these pieces he turned into a seed from which came the first man and woman.

Artist Notes: The new Stella Ear Jackets are a complete revamp of the original Stella Earrings. The original iteration of the Stella’s admittedly look more like flowers than stars, and since my beading skills have improved so much since I first made them, I decided to develop a more star-like design.

The new Stellas feature a beaded silver starburst woven with both 12/0 & 15/0 size beads. I wanted to incorporate more of the myth behind the design, so I added drops of iridescent & opalescent crystals to represent the silver shards in the story.

The best part of this design? The drops are removable! So you can wear them either as a minimal starry pair, or add drama with the crystal drops

Size: Drops 10 cm.

Materials: Glass seed beads, freshwater pearls, waxed thread, gold-tone stainless steel posts and backs. Stainless steel findings make these safe for sensitive ears.

Ready to ship. Orders ship out in 7-10 business days.

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