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Langit Pt. 2: Ang Panahon

     Langit Pt. 2 continues to explore the stories of the celestial gods of the Visayan mythological pantheon, this time the gods associated with the weather, 'panahon'. The collection first debuted in 2021 and just got a major update. Shop all the new designs now!

Sunset Earrings

Php7 700.00
Wear the bold colors of the sunset!
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Product Details

The Story:

Tapestry earrings in the bold colors of sunset. Since the dawn of time, humans have always sought explanations for the world around us. Here is a Filipino origin myth about how the day and night came to be:

Long ago the sun and moon were married. They led a peaceful, idyllic life, and soon from their union came many children, the stars. The sun was very fond of his children, but whenever he would hold them the heat from his body would burn their bodies. This finally angered the moon so she forbade him to touch them again.

One day the moon left their home to tend to chores, but before leaving she reminded the sun not to touch any of their children while she was away. He could not help himself however and bent down to kiss his children, burning them with his intense heat. When he realized this he quickly left their home in fear of his wife.

When the moon returned and found the bodies of her children she became wild with grief, calling for her husband. Ashamed, the sun did not return until he finally could not bear her cries. At first he tried to comfort her, but when she would not stop he became angry and threw sand at her face (these are the dark marks you see on the moon today). The moon then took her children and fled, the sun continuing to chase her. To this day the sun continues to follow the moon in an endless cycle of day and night.

Artist Notes: The Sunset Earrings just got an update with Japanese Delica glass beads, which give these earrings a beautiful tapestry-like finish!

Size: Drops 7 cm.

Materials: Glass seed beads, waxed thread, gold-tone stainless steel posts and backs. Stainless steel findings make these safe for sensitive ears.

Made to order. All pieces are made by hand, please allow up to 2 to 4 weeks for production for made to order items.

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