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Diwata Pt. II

     The Philippines is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and maintains 5% of the world's flora across its 7,000 islands. Sadly due to habitat degradation and deforestation, our biodiversity is seriously endangered.

     Part II of Diwata features the beautiful, rare endemic flowers of the Philippines from the iconic waling-waling to the stunning jade vine. This collection celebrates the beauty of Philippine biodiversity and aims to raise awareness on the urgent need for its conservation. 5% of all sales from this collection will be donated to Centre for Sustainability PH to aid in their conservation efforts. Find out more about them here.

     Each flower in this collection is entirely sculpted, painted, and glazed by hand. This collection represents hours of delicate manual work to create beautiful pieces that highlight the beauty of Philippine biodiversity.

Orders for Diwata Pt. II are now closed.


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